Are These Your Lucky Lotto Numbers?

Are planning to buy a Lotto ticket? Well, don’t waste your time picking the wrong number. Some people may suggest you use quick picks or draw the number by yourself, but what if there is a better way to pick the numbers? Rather than picking the numbers randomly, what if I told you there are in fact lucky numbers at Lotto? These are special numbers, most frequently drawn in Lotto.

So, tell me, are you interested to know these numbers?

The National Lottery has been holding Lotto since 1994. Since then, they have recorded the most drawn balls, which are 11, 23, 38, 33, 25, and 31. Each of these balls has been drawn for at least 321 times, with the 23 ball has been drawn for 332 times.

However, please note that these numbers are drawn between 1994 and 2015. In 1994, there were only 49 Lotto balls. However, several years later, the National Lottery decided to increase the number of balls until we have 59 Lotto balls today.

With these extra balls, the odds of winning a Lotto price has also fallen to 1 in 45 million from the original 1 in 14 million. In the other words, after 10 balls were added, it is 4 times harder to win a Lotto prize than it was back in 1994.

This might be frustrating for some people. However, after knowing this information, you should be able to narrow down your selections. Make sure you have one of those numbers in your line. It might not guarantee your win, but at least you won’t spend your money picking random numbers.

One more thing, it would be a good idea to keep on the same number from time to time. I know how it sounds, but playing with the same number for years will increase your winning chance. If they draw one number as the winning ticket this year, it will not appear in the future. That’s how lottery works. That also means, the chance of your ticket to win the game will also increase.

You may not like the idea, but many jackpot winners used this secret to help them win the game. Even the recent London winner play the same number until he won the jackpot. Some people might think you’re playing the wrong strategy and it would be better to change the numbers, but believe me, they are the wrong one, not you.

Also, if you want to win someday, keep playing. This is the secret of the Bristol couple who recently won £18 million jackpot. The wife has stopped playing for several years, but the husband believes that they would win someday. Yesterday, his belief was paid off. With £18 million, they have also become the oldest winning couple in Lotto history.

Now, it is up to you to follow their tips or not. We don’t know our future and what way works the best for us. Their tips might only work for them, but there is no wrong in following a good tip, instead of making a baseless decision.